Why Becoming a Telstra Women's Business Awards Finalist is Important...

It is such an exciting time for us at Lucinda Hewitson Consulting! Last week we launched our new website to you, our new videos and our first Blog Post. This week we bring you the fantastic news that Lucinda Hewitson Consulting is a SA Finalist in the 2015 Telstra Women’s Business Awards! 

The news was announced in the SA Advertiser (www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/south-australias-brilliant-business-women-make-their-mark/story-fni6uma6-1227521805648) on Friday 11th September which turned out to be one special day for me, as it was also my birthday (see phot of me celebrating!) I can’t think of a better birthday present to receive this honour and to be recognised along so many talented South Australian women.

I am quoted on the news page of the Telstra Awards website that announces the SA Finalists (www.telstrabusinesswomensawards.com/news/

“My children are the reason I run my business today – I want their generation to experience a more inclusive and diverse workplace.”

South Australia has enjoyed Equal Opportunity Legislation for 30 years but most Australian workplaces are missing out on realising the full benefits of diversity and inclusion. 

Will my children enter workplaces that continue to pay men more than women? Workplaces where men and women continue to face barriers in taking parental leave and working flexibly? And how acceptable will it be for the father of their children to take time off work to care for their kids?

Personally, I would prefer to spend my life work focused on resolving our current diversity issues (and, I should point out, these challenges go beyond gender) than explain to my daughters, when they embark on their careers, that they are still 9 times less likely to hold a leadership position and are likely to be paid less compared to their boy cousins and the father of their children is unlikely to feel supported by their workplace to take time away from work to care for their kids.

This is not a conversation I want to have. So, I have approximately the next 10 years to do something about it! And, this is where the Telstra Women’s Business Awards come in. Becoming a SA Finalist this week is giving me and my business the recognition to help achieve this goal! You can also be part of the solution. To find out how follow me on LinkedIn (Lucinda Hewitson) and Twitter (@HewitsonConsult).

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