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An exciting innovation from Diversity Inclusion!

Whether you are an organisation, a manager or parent (or soon to be parent), Thrive is revolutionising how organisations support women when they have a child. Thrive works hand-in-hand with parents and their manager, to achieve win-win outcomes.

On 31 October 2017 Diversity Inclusion successfully launched the new Thrive Career+Child program to 35 of its market leading clients. Guests enjoyed an interactive presentation delivered by Lucinda Hewitson and Brigid Emmett and received a taste of how Thrive can deliver tangible results to bottom line and culture.


Made to order coffees, fruit and pastries were on hand at Diversity Inclusion's contemporary space at Intersect, the dynamic corporate co-working office on Flinders Street, Adelaide. 


Increasing the number of women in organisations, in addition to supporting women to return to work after parental leave, has profound benefits for an organisation, our industries and national economy.

Organisations and Managers need practical tools and advice to improve company performance, retain female talent, access a broader talent pool, enhance corporate reputation and increase gender diversity.

Thrive Career+Child is specifically designed to support organisations, managers and staff, as employees become parents.

  • Managers are given coaching, tools, and support to negotiate all phases of staff pregnancy, parental leave and return to work. 
  • Parents or soon to be parents are armed with strategies to see their career thrive through pregnancy, parental leave and upon return to work, and will have access to expert support every step of the way.
  • Thrive also offers the opportunity for organisations to support all of their people with care responsibilities, including fathers and members of the 'sandwich generation' (those caring for both children and their parents), through the Carers/Career Toolkit. Your reputation as an employer of choice will grow, along with your ability to retain key talent.

Diversity Inclusion is seeking SA employers to become partners of our Thrive Program in 2018. We have limited places in 2018 and we would be thrilled to partner with your organisation to ensure your employees enjoy the benefits of Thrive in 2018!

Get in touch with Brigid Emmett at or Lucinda Hewitson at to find out more about the Thrive Career+Child program and how your organisation can improve retention and culture.

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