Madrid's Pride


Madrid’s Pride

Warmth, pleasure, wellbeing and bright colours: words which are synonymous not only with a European summer, but also the Orgullo Gay de Madrid: Europe’s largest LGBTIQ+ pride festival.

Madrid Orgullo (pronounced ‘or-goo-yo’ and meaning pride in English), or MADO as it is commonly known, sees locals and tourists alike taking to the streets of Madrid to celebrate the love, strength, contribution and diversity of the world’s LGBTIQ+ communities and their allies. This year, MADO is being held from July 3-7 and is celebrating the 50-year anniversary of New York’s Stonewall Inn Riots, in which people took a stand against discrimination and persecution and fought for gay liberation and pride.


Diversity Inclusion’s CEO, Lucinda Hewitson, has escaped the Australian winter and has been in Madrid for this year’s MADO celebrations. Lucinda tells us that the air of support and inclusion in Madrid is like nothing she has ever experienced. “Most shops are flying the rainbow flag and local businesses are challenging each other to come up with innovative demonstrations of support. It’s inspiring to see how the whole city of Madrid has come together to celebrate pride and diversity”.

While we can’t all be there to soak up the sun and celebrations in Spain, no matter where we are, we can take a moment to consider how inclusive our own workplace is for those who identify as LGBTIQ+ and how we can show our respect and appreciation.

At Diversity Inclusion, we believe everyone should feel able to bring their whole self to work. If you would like support in making your organisation a more inclusive place to work, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today.

Georgia Brown, Diversity Inclusion