Be Bold for Change this International Women’s Day

Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we are encouraged to Be Bold for Change, which is this year’s International Women’s Day theme. At Diversity Inclusion, we like this theme of being bold. While continued discussion around gender equity is important, ultimately organisations need to be bold in taking real action to create change.

At Diversity Inclusion, we work with organisations around Australia, to help them to become more diverse and more inclusive.

This year, we are a Silver Sponsor of the Adelaide International Women’s Day Breakfast. In the lead up to this event, we have given individuals who missed out on a ticket to the sold-out event, an opportunity to join us at our table. To win the ticket, we asked people to email us outlining why they believe diversity is important for their organisation.

Thank you to everyone who sent through their thoughts and ideas! We have now chosen an individual to join us at our table on Friday morning.

We received many responses, and in addition to explaining why diversity is important for their organisation, many people also outlined their personal reasons for supporting diversity, such as wanting to see a better world for their children and for future generations. Responses also highlighted:

  • wanting to see more women involved in making key decisions,
  • the importance of increasing the uptake of flexible working and having a greater emphasis on work and life balance, and
  • wanting to see more women in the senior ranks of organisations

Unless real action is taken, at the current rate of change, research by Oxfam (2014) suggests it will take 75 years for women around the world to achieve equal pay. 

How will your organisation take real action, and be bold for change this year? Diversity Inclusion recommends a strategic approach to change: first understand the challenges in your organisation, and then develop initiatives to address these; this approach should help you to make best use of your organisation’s resources, and drive real change (for more information on a strategic approach to diversity, see our website: For ideas of how your organisation can be bold for change, visit the UN International Women’s Day website for ideas:, or speak with us at Diversity Inclusion (