Join Diversity Inclusion at the Adelaide International Women’s Day Breakfast

Adelaide has an incredible legacy for celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) through its annual IWD Breakfast. Across Australia, Adelaide’s breakfast is one of the largest attracting more than 2500 participants, with tickets often selling out within a week.

This year, Diversity Inclusion is a Silver Sponsor of the IWD Breakfast. We work with organisations, not only in Adelaide, but across Australia, to help them to become more diverse, and more inclusive. While we focus on the full spectrum of diversity (e.g. age, culture, sexual orientation, personality etc), our clients continue to seek our advice on achieving greater gender diversity. For your chance to win a ticket to join us at our table at the Adelaide IWD Breakfast on March 10th (tickets are now sold out!), read on and follow the instructions at the end of this blog. 

Compared with 2013/14 figures, the representation of women across all levels of management has grown, and the base salary gender pay gap has gone down by 2.2%. Over 70% of organisations now have a strategy around gender equity, compared with only 66% in 2013/14.

Key to fuelling this shift is the conversation on topics like the benefits of diversity, pay inequity, and the representation of women in management. Events like the IWD Breakfast are vital in driving these conversations, and also provide a great opportunity to celebrate the progress we have made both here in Australia and globally. Diversity Inclusion is also passionate about engaging men in achieving gender diversity and equity and are proud that men are well represented as our guests at the IWD breakfast

Diversity Inclusion supports clients in creating organisations with Inclusive Leadership, Inclusive Cultures and Inclusive Infrastructure. By investing in all 3 areas, organisations are more likely to reap the benefits in attracting and retaining diverse talent (not just with regard to gender diversity, but also other forms of diversity, such as diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and people with a disability). Organisations often focus on creating inclusive infrastructure through reviewing their processes, policies and systems. This is important but on its own it is unlikely to deliver real change unless supported by leadership and a culture that is genuinely inclusive.

To win a ticket to the IWD Adelaide Breakfast on March 10 at 7am, email us at, sharing why you think diversity is important for your organisation. 

If you already have a ticket, share this blog with someone you know who might have missed out.


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Photo from Daily Mail ofNew York panel discussion between Julia Gillard, Charlize Theron, Michelle Obama, Nurfahada and Cindi Leive

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