Gendered Careers

I received an email with this ‘Letter to the Editor’ from a female colleague who works as an Engineer. I often hear from female friends who work in male-dominated industries that people sometimes assume that they have received a role or training opportunity because of their gender, rather than their ability. 

I like this article because the male engineer has truly tried to 'step into the shoes' of his female colleagues. 

Trying to understand others' perspectives and experiences is incredibly valuable, but to do this we need to have open conversations with people who are different to us, and ask them about their experiences.

For example, I recently met a man who works in childcare, and I asked him about his experience working in an overwhelmingly female-dominated sector. It was great to hear his insights on some of the challenges men in his industry face, which then prompted a broader conversation regarding men's role in childcare. 

As a society I feel that we need to break down barriers to enable not just women to move into male-dominated industries, but also break down stereotypes and assumptions to enable more men to move into female-dominated industries. 

Leave me a comment if you'd like to continue this conversation.


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