Welcome to Brigid Emmett 'Thrive Manager'!

Our Diversity Inclusion team continues to grow.

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This month we welcome Brigid Emmett, who will lead Diversity Inclusion’s latest exciting initiative Thrive: 

Thrive is aimed at supporting organisations to retain their female talent, and support employees, their managers and the organisation to balance career and caring responsibilities.

Brigid comes to Diversity Inclusion with over 12 years of experience providing legal and business advice to a broad range of small and large business as well as individuals. A significant aspect of her career has involved resolving commercial disputes. 

Brigid has also spent considerable time acting for both employers and employees on a range of employment law matters including workplace agreements, termination of employment procedures, unfair dismissal, under-payment of wages, redundancy, employment entitlements and sexual harassment and discrimination claims.

As the mother of 2 young boys, Brigid has experienced firsthand the juggle of career and parenthood and is excited by the opportunity Thrive presents, to achieve win-win outcomes for organisations and families alike.

If you would like to know more about the Thrive program Brigid can be contacted at brigid@diversityinclusion.com.au.

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