Fair Go 5

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The Fair Go 5 TM equips managers with the knowledge and skills to work with diverse groups.

Initially designed for a large mining organisation in 2015, the Fair Go 5TM tool is uploaded onto an organisation’s Intranet, so that all employees can access the information. It is made up of videos, images, infographics and written content, including practical steps designed to support managers and supervisors to create an inclusive environment for their team.

The Fair Go 5 TM tool provides information on the business case for diversity, and increases managers’ and employees’ awareness of unconscious bias and how this can impact decisions made at work.

The 5-step tool is then applied to specific areas of diversity, such as: People with a Disability, First Australians, Gender, Older Workers, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, and Culturally & Linguistically Diverse.



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Time and again, diverse organisations are proven to outperform those that lack diversity (eg. greater innovation and improved financial performance).

The Fair Go 5 provides managers with practical information on how to create an inclusive environment and role-model inclusive behaviours; including actions which are applied to specific target groups.