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“In that quiet centre there is perspective and balance and a recognition of what really matters” (p.138 'Thrive' Ariana Huffington)

In creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces, harnessing wisdom is critical. Our approach and services draw on current research to support your organisation to become more diverse and inclusive.

Considered in our approach are:

  • The influence of unconscious biases in decision making in organisations

  • Employee productivity, engagement and wellbeing in a fast-paced digital age

  • The broad and long lasting benefits of diversity both financially and ethically

Diversity Inclusion helps organisations to achieve perspective, wisdom and balance, in order to make the best decisions for organisations and people.


We work in a fast-paced, digital age which allows us to work anytime and anywhere. Instead of using technology to create more flexibility and freedom, we often use it as a way to cram more hours of work into the day. This is called “work/life chaos”, the concept that we expect that work will spill into our personal lives and vice versa.

So why have we evolved to work in this way? For many of us it is because we rely on old fashioned ideas of what commitment looks like. Commitment is often measured by the length of time people are present at work, rather than quality of output. Employees feel increasingly rushed for time, stretched, and conflicted over their home and work responsibilities. 

At Diversity Inclusion, we support organisations to maximise the organisation's and employees' well-being by creating new ways of work and measuring performance that are better suited to our world today, and which supports a more diverse and inclusive place to work.



“Wonder is the beginning of Wisdom” (Socrates).

How many of us, during the course of our busy lives, wonder if there is a better way:  a better way to work, a better way to live and a better way to run our organisations? The word ‘wonder’ seems out of place when we are talking about our workplaces, because so many of us leave our passions and the things we really care about behind when we go to work.

At Diversity Inclusion we believe that wonder is synonymous with the workplace, both for organisations and the individuals within them. Many organisations are now seeking to increase their levels of diversity, feeling the need to demonstrate they too are ‘on board’ with this concept. But how many are truly aware of the ‘wonder’ that diversity can bring to their organisations? By building diverse teams organisations can realise the benefits of diverse thought and experience as well as the financial benefits. 


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"Our vision is to support every industry and sector in Australia to become more diverse and inclusive so that every organisation enjoys the benefits of diversity and every person gets a fair go"

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Lucinda Hewitson

CEO & Founder

BPsych (Honours), MPsych

Lucinda Hewitson is an industry leader in Diversity & Inclusion and works with companies and industry bodies to capitalise on the benefits. Lucinda is an Organisational Psychologist with 20 years’ experience working with companies in Australia and overseas. 

Since establishing her business in 2013, Lucinda has advised global mining companies, federal and state government agencies, utilities, the insurance sector and international consulting firms on improving diversity in the workplace. 

Lucinda was formerly the Head of HR: Recruitment, Resourcing and Diversity & Inclusion at BAE Systems Australia. She was a finalist in the 2013 AHRI Diversity Awards and a Telstra Business Women's Award finalist in 2015. Lucinda is the Chairman of Spence Club, a network that supports South Australian women.



Diversity & Inclusion Senior Advisor

BSocSci, BPsychSci (Honours)

Within our Thrive programme, Kate supports working parents to reach their full potential. She draws on her practice wisdom, developed over a decade of responding to complex behaviour in community services and child protection, to empower individuals to explore new patterns of behaviour and effect change at home, in their careers, and across their organisations.

She holds a special interest in how social context and individual behaviour interact and applies both sociological and psychological knowledge to understand the unique composition of client's organisational culture, how it functions and how it can be influenced.

 Kate is currently engaged in research examining the interactions between presenteeism, flexibility and inclusiveness in organisational culture and is in the final stages of a Master of Psychology (Organisational and Human Factors) at the University of Adelaide.



Diversity Consultant

BPsych (Honours), MPsych

As a member of the Diversity Inclusion team Georgia partners with organisations across Australia, supporting them to assess their current state, identify their specific needs and objectives and implement strategies to support improvement.

 Georgia is a registered psychologist. She holds a special interest in educating organisations as to the benefits of diversity and inclusion, assessing and developing inclusive facilities and creating workplaces free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. Georgia has completed extensive research regarding the relationship between workplace bullying policies and workplace bullying experiences and so brings a unique perspective and knowledge to our work in this space.

 Georgia also delivers Diversity Inclusion’s workshops to clients across Australia, in global mining organisations, government agencies, professional and sporting organisations and within the production industry.

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Caron yep

GDipSc(Physiology), MPsych

Caron has an extensive background working for large global companies both in Australia and in the UK across a broad range of industries. Most recently Caron worked as Program Manager, Talent and Diversity Specialist for BHP Billiton. 

Caron’s applies her knowledge in organisational psychology, emotional intelligence, human resource management, change leadership, applied neuroscience and systems thinking, to develop solutions and increase performance.

With skills in leadership development and coaching, program management, facilitation, training design, delivery and evaluation and organisation culture and employee engagement, Caron delivers cultural and capability programs that make a real impact. Caron employs a collaborative working style and builds strong working relationships to achieve buy in and ownership of diversity and inclusion initiatives.


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leanne camilleri

Leanne is currently studying behavioural science and recently attended the 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing in Canada.

Leanne is passionate about creating positive workplace cultures and promoting employee wellbeing through positive psychology and mindfulness.

With skills in workshop facilitation and mindfulness interventions, Leanne is a facilitator of Diversity Inclusion's Call it Out Program, holds a seat on the Employee Representative Council and the newly formed WH&S Wellbeing Sub-committee in her workplace.

Leanne runs lunchtime mindfulness sessions to educate employees on wellbeing practices to improve wellbeing and build resilience within her workplace.

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brigid emmett

B. Laws and Legal Practice

Brigid joined Diversity Inclusion in September 2017. Her focus is on Diversity Inclusion's Thrive program which is aimed at helping organisations support women to balance career and parenthood and give business the support needed to retain female talent. 

Brigid has 12 years of experience in the areas of commercial law and dispute resolution. Her work has largely involved the resolution of commercial disputes, both in and out of Court and she has extensive experience in successfully resolving disputes through mediation. She is experienced in consumer and competition law, misrepresentation and contractual disputes.

Brigid has acted for employers and employees on a range of employment law matters including employer and contractor arrangements and workplace agreements, termination of employment procedures, unfair dismissal, underpayment of wages, redundancy, employment entitlements and sexual harassment and discrimination claims.

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